Components of an Alcoholism Treatment Program

When a person is identified as an alcoholic, he/she should take appropriate steps to treat this alcoholism. However, most people do not opt to get treated because of various reasons. When first diagnosed of alcoholism, one must be able to recognize that this is a disease which can be treated like any other disease.  It is also important that the treatment is a bit challenging, however, success is guaranteed. It is very important to be accepted by loved ones and to be firm in their decision to be cured of alcoholism. Alcohol treatment center make sure that necessary support is provided to be cured of this disease.

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Intervention Meetings

Intervention meetings, though different from traditional treatment methods, are a great way to cure alcoholism as they provide families an opportunity to discuss the effects of alcoholism on the whole family. In intervention meetings, the person diagnosed of alcoholism has a greater support from friends and family, along with the help of the professional counselors. It is a motivating method used to cure alcoholism.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Sometime ago, alcohol treatment centers required an individual to stay within the hospital for an indefinite period of time. However, it is not the case today. There are different types of programs available to help you cure alcoholism. Choose one which suits your schedule and be cured without having to give up your precious career and family.

If the person belongs to the high-risk category, the alcohol treatment centers usually take them as inpatients. Detoxification is done under medical supervision and CBT is also provided. Usually, people who have a family in which alcoholism runs are taken as in-patients. However, both inpatients and outpatients are treated the same way.

Aftercare Therapy

After the treatment is done, aftercare therapy is provided by Neworld Detox to help the recovering alcoholics from relapsing and maintaining their sobriety. According to NCBI, aftercare service is one of the most important factors which helps in the alcoholism treatment being successful or unsuccessful. In some places, there are sober houses. However, most aftercare services consist of group meetings and therapy. A complete alcohol-free environment is important for recovering alcoholics.

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Other Treatment

When a person who has mental health issues tries to quit alcohol, it becomes more difficult. The treatment for alcoholism and mental illness has to be taken separately. The Alcoholics Anonymous groups, which have proven to be very effective, are not so effective if alcoholism and mental illness exist together in a person. Therefore, it is best for that individual to seek help for mental illness and also join an alcoholic treatment center to get rid of both these illnesses.

Success Rates

The success rate of alcoholics never touching alcohol again, as calculated by the alcohol treatment centers, is about 20-25%.  However, about 10% of people will consume alcohol in moderation during their lives. A person who experiences high stress is more likely to revert back to alcohol than a person who experiences relatively low stress. Therefore, a relapse prevention therapy is important while getting treated in an alcohol treatment center.