Canadian residency and medical information related to it

There are a few of things that a person needs to go through before his or her application for the permanent residency of Canada is accepted. The requirements are the same for everyone, be it a working class person or a businessman. Here is a list of a few of the things that you will need in order to get a permanent resident of Canada.

medical examination for immigration

Medical examination

The person applying for it has to face a medical examination for immigration before he or she gets the assurance of his residency in Canada. This medical examination includes an HIV and other important tests required. The rejection or selection of the residency application will depend on the results of this medical examination. If a person is found suffering from a disease that is a threat to the society and the environment, then he or she may not get the permanent residency conformation in Canada.

Things on which the conformation depends

Those who are real patients and are suffering from diseases that are in excessive demand may have some problem in getting the assurance of the residency. The Canadian government does not want to spend much on social welfare projects or health issues. By using the term excessive demand the government is trying not to focus just on the present condition of the patient but is keeping an eye about the future risk that the patient is going to face. If someone is suffering from such a disease that will leave its consequences after 10 years also, he or she won’t get the permanent residency. This is not the case for someone who has applied as a refugee. These criteria won’t come in the path of someone who has married a Canadian guy, even if the person is HIV positive.

Small term temporary visa

When it comes to applying for a temporary resident visa, the people need not undergo any such things. The medical examination for immigration in such cases is required for the persons who would be working in the medical sectors. This is advisable to get a personal health insurance done for the people going to Canada for a few days as this will help them in the case of accidents or stuff like that.

Long-term temporary visa

In the case of long-term temporary resident visas, there is an evaluation test conducted by the concerned authority. This surely includes the medical test, but not for everyone. This medical test in case of long-term temporary visa is for people coming from a country which is dominated by any severe communicable disease. The second categories of people who require giving this medical examination for immigration are the one who is coming to Canada to work in the medical sector. Also, if you’re coming to spend time with a child or you are a grandparent, then in that case also you will have to undergo this medical test. The medical test that is conducted for this purpose is called the medical examination for immigration.

So, these were few of things everyone applying for Canadian residency should know.