The Canadian Town of Hampton and the Swazi Town of Piggs Peak have recently formed a partnership to address issues of HIV/AIDS.

This website was created by the Hampton partners to introduce this new “twinning” of communities to residents of the Town of Hampton.

ImageAn HIV/AIDS epidemic on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world is devastating Swaziland, an African country of about 1 million people where over 42 percent of the adult population has HIV/AIDS. For Swazis aged between 25 and 29, the figure is 56 percent. Already, one Swazi in every 15 is a child orphaned by AIDS. There are elderly and sick grandmothers caring for 20 orphaned grandchildren and families being headed by 12 year old children.

To try to help alleviate the impact of AIDS in Swaziland, Hampton has formed a partnership or “twinning” arrangement with Piggs Peak, a community of about 5,000 people in northern Swaziland. The partnership has been formed at a number of levels:

Hampton Town Council Piggs Peak Town Council
Hampton High School Fundukuwela High School
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church Nazarene Church

In Piggs Peak there have been a number of projects identified that will help ease the impact of HIV/AIDS, especially for the orphans and vulnerable children. A relatively modest financial contribution from Hampton can make a significant positive impact in Piggs Peak. However, this does not need to be a one-sided partnership but, rather, one where we, as Hamptonians, will “get” as much as we “give”. We all have a lot to gain from this relationship.

June 28, 2018